Early on, Nick Simon realized that crafting visual art was his calling.  Nick has had a strong passion for visual art ever since his mother introduced his first sketchbook to him at age seven. Years later, Nick earned a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California, San Diego campus.

Unlike most fine artists, his portfolio contains an emphasis in graphic design. He's had the pleasure of being hired by O'Neill, Hurley, Dark Seas Division, Loser Machine Co., Osiris Shoes, Grenade, Captain Fin, Fox Moto, etc.. He continues to evolve and expands his expertise, working for Interior Designers doing fine art.


O'Neill, Hurley, Captain Fin, Loser Machine Co., Dark Seas Division, Fox Head Moto, Grenade, Osiris


Juxtapoz Magazine, Frank 151, Big Up Magazine, Hewlitt Packard (HP) television spot